Sunday, January 2, 2011


2010 is behind us now.  Time to move on to a new year.  Hello 2011!!! I spent New Year's with my husband and had a nice time.  I hope you all had a good one! NEWS: I have my surgery date! I am scheduled to get my LAPBAND on January 17th! YAY! Yesterday, I decided to start the liver shrinking diet to see how I could handle it.  Well, first day didn't go soo great.  I got protein powder called "Nectar" the flavor was fuzzy navel.  I was able to stomach the first shake, but it was making my stomach hurt.  So, I decided to wait and try another shake.  Today, I tried "Atkins Rich Chocolate Royale" I was once again able to stomach the first shake.  But, when I tried it again for lunch I couldn't get through it.  So, I guess I am gonna have to keep switching flavors.  I am determined to do this and get this done.  I am ready for a happy new me!  I will update next week with how much weight I lose.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! There are all kinds of shakes out there. I have been using one from Costco, you can purchase it in powder form or premade. Chocolate or vanilla. When you make your own, you can add things like flavors. The brand name is Premier Nutrician Protein. Only 1 gram sugar, and 30 grams protien. I drink it over ice. You can also make hot chocolate with the powder.

    Check out the most wonderful support network for Lapbanders, called B2G. Just go to : (do not put www in it) The lady who started it is terrific! It is a free site, and will answer all your questions! Welcome to Bandland!