Saturday, October 30, 2010

Introductory Post

I guess my first post should be an introduction of myself.  My name is Katie.  I am 25 years old.  I got married July 31st and have a 6 year old stepson.  I also am morbidly obese.  Yes, I said it OBESE.  The picture below is of me all 375 lbs (yah its crazy I know), my extremely handsome stepson and my sexy husband!  I love my "curves" and so does my hubby.  But, when it starts to affect your health then its time to do something about it.  I have gotten to the point where my chest is constantly hurting either from my acid reflux disease or my asthma.  I had neither of these conditions a few years ago. 

So, you may say "oh, you want to lose weight so just go on a diet."  Let me tell you, name a diet and I have done it.  The problem with diets are they don't last.  Sure, I've lost 20lbs here and there "dieting" just to turn around and gain 40 after giving in to the temptations of food.  Oh how tempting food can be.  There is nothing like a good old fashioned home cooked meal.  Another problem of mine is that I LOVE to cook and am kind of obsessed with baking.   My dream is to one day own a bakery.  I am always trying new recipes.  Baking is a passion of mine.  How can I lose weight when I love food so much?  It is not going to be an easy journey, but it is one that I am preparing myself to embark on.